South Bend, IN. Reunion
Family Photos

Here are a few pictures from our South Bend Reunion.  

 In 1993, The 11th Jenkins family reunion was hosted by the Benton Harbor, MI. Chapter. The reunion was held in South Bend Indiana at the glassed Marriot Hotel. The facilitator was Barbara Henderson who worked diligently with a supportive, and dedicated reunion committee. The 11th Jenkins Reunion theme was: "Acknowledge Our 116 Year Old Inheritance, The Jenkins Quarters (1877-1993)". There was a bus tour, a Saturday evening Buffet Dinner, and Ancestral Candle Light Memorial Service. There was also a Jenkins Male Fashion Show, which was coordinated by Keenan Harris Daniels of Benton Harbor. There was a Bon-Voyage Prayer Breakfast Buffet as the family prepared for their journeys to return home.

(If you would like to see more pictures, Please share, We would like to Thank Rodney Henderson for sharing in Photo collection.)   


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1993 Jenkins Family Reunion South Bend, IN.

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