Benton Harbor, MI. Reunion
Family Photos

Here are a few pictures from our Benton Harbor Reunion.  

In 2001, the 19th Jenkins Family reunion was hosted by the Benton Harbor, Michigan Chapter.  Members of the Benton Harbor Chapter are descendants of Albert and Alberta Parker Jenkins.  The Benton Harbor Chapter hosted the reunion in the Golden Dome City of South Bend, IN.  The Theme was "Celebrating Moments and Recapturing Memories" in The Golden Dome City.  Each guest was treated with a bag of M&M's and Hershey's Chocolate Hugs and Kisses, which reflected the theme of the reunion. The traditional tee shirts, bucket hats and tote bags displayed the 19th Jenkins Reunion logo.  The itenerary included a "Greet and Meet" Hawaiin Nite Dinner Buffet, fun and games and prizes, karaoke and lip sinc contest, Jenkins 1st Golf Invitational at Black Thorn Golf Course, Tee Shirt Activity Day, Anthony and Barbara Jenkins Dinner and Awards Banquet.  The keynote speaker was Chris Allen of Detroit, MI. He is the son of the late Joe Lee Allen and Elnora Jenkins Allen.  Chris shared a motivating presentation  and shared information about his founding services Family Roads and Arthur's Place.  On Sunday, the family enjoyed a farewell Sunday Prayer Breakfast.

(I would like to Thank Rodney Henderson for sharing in Photo collection.)   


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