Detroit, MI. Reunion
Family Photos

Here are a few pictures from our Detroit Reunion.  

In 2002, The 20th Jenkins Family Reunion was Hosted by the Detroit Chapter.  Donna Allen took on the challenge of Coordinator for her 2nd family reunion in Detroit.  The reunion Theme was "Looking Towards the Future, but Not Forgetting the Past!"  The reunion was a 3 day affair with African Motif dress on Friday get acquainted night, Saturday included scheduled activities to Museums and the Zoo, along with golf and a family picnic. The evening was adorned with the 20th Reunion banquet which featured a presentation by Keynote speaker Dr. Virginia R. Allen, entitled: "Wisdom of the Ages: A Guide for the Future". The night was also rewarded with Chris Allen's debut of our Family Crest/Coat of Arms.  There was also a Fundraising raffle to raise money for an educational Scholarship, which raised $1,060.00 and was awarded to Gerwin Westfield on his way to Michigan University.  The night concluded with a dance demonstration by Ricky & Gladys Dew and many others joined in with them.  On Sunday, a Farewell breakfast was enjoyed by the family before returning home from the exciting weekend in Detroit which featured many new things in our family. 

(I would like to Thank Rodney Henderson for sharing in Photo collection.)   


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