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Reunion President: Barbara Watson
Web Page Editor: William Dew
  Hello Jenkins Family, Friends and Guests,

 Welcome to Our Jenkins family reunion web site.  The Jenkins family reunion web site has been in existence for approximately 17 years.  It's primary goal was to provide Our family with a common communication link and point of interest for Our family's interaction.  It also serves as an information site to keep us informed about key family events, such as Our annual family reunions, which are hosted by a different family city/group every year, which we have done for the past 36 years.  Our web site is comprised of several things to keep us current.  We utilize a family E-mail list, a monthly Birthday and Anniversary list.  We have current information about Our family reunions, along with a picture archive of most recent and past reunions.  We also run a timeline of past reunions along with a short description of theme and activities.   We also have a topic known as family mail, a guestbook with a (direct to site) scroll bar and information about Our family educational scholarships.  We have had Our family tree posted on site. (not current), but may soon return with improved security.  There are many other items that are on Our site that are not mentioned, but are there to serve the family.  The site was designed to serve the Jenkins Family, and can only be enriched by continued family input and interaction.  Thank You for visiting The Jenkins Family Reunion Web Site.

2019 Reunion:

 The 2019 JFR cruise is planned to be held on the Carnival Liberty ship, which will depart out of Port Canaveral, FL. 

 The 37th Jenkins family reunion cruise is scheduled to depart July 12th and return on July 15th .

 The 37th JFR cruise information can be viewed by clicking on link in the menu bar to the left.  (Group rate deposit due by 2/26/2019)   

The Jenkins Family Coat of Arms:

 The 2002 Reunion in Detroit Mi. brought us an additional meaning of what family is about.  The Jenkins Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest was developed and created for the Jenkins family by Mr Chris Allen.  He studied and researched this project far and wide and established a symbol that our family may look upon and be Proud of.  He introduced us to Our new family Crest at the 2002 Detroit reunion. He explains the meaning of what the Coat of Arms is all about below. So please click on the link below to visit a site dedicated to Mr Chris Allen's work.

  The Jenkins Family Coat of Arms Page:

2019 Scholarship Fund Drive: 

 The 2019 Jenkins Family Reunion Scholarship Fund has added a new avenue of contribution.  The 2019 Scholarship Fund now has a Go Fund Me account that can be found at this address: Https://www.gofundme.com/anthony-and-barbara-jenkins-scholarship.   We strongly encourage each household to support the Jenkins' Family Scholarship Fund. These funds will be distributed among students (new or existing) who have received a letter of acceptance from the college or university of their choice.

The Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Wilbert Jenkins Sr.

Please donate or participate in the growth of these opportunity/s.

The 2 Scholarship award Honorees for 2007 are shown below

Chara Willis/ RN, MSN Nurse major program.  Princess (Jenkins) Grant/ Post Graduate studies

2005 Scholarship award winners:

 For a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Family Member saves suicidal man:

  A River City man is lucky to be alive, thanks to the quick actions of a Vicksburg Police Officer (Adarryll Dent).  He is the son of Theresa Dent of Ita Bena, MS.  Adarryll risked his life in the line of duty as a police officer to save another mans life.  This rescue was captured on his patrol car camera and was played back on WLBT News ch3 out of Jackson MS.

  We would like to acknowledge Adarryll for his bravery and commitment to the force, and for being a fine example to his family and community.  Its fine examples such as yourself that make the Jenkins family name shine bright!  Thanks also to Barbara Henderson for sending the info to the website, and to Theresa Dent for sharing in her sons experience.

  To view the story and the video from the WLBT news broadcast, click Here:   Heroic Rescue Caught on Tape   

Family Members Destination Wedding:

Nicole Allegra Winston


David Allen Dew Sr.

August 13, 2018

Nicole and Dave's destination wedding at the Breathless resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica was held on Friday August 13th at 3pm.

The Bride and Groom exchanged their vows on the beach at the Breathless resort before

a very special group of 20+ friends and family.

We would like to say Congratulations to:

Mr & Mrs. Nicole & David Dew

" Ya Mon!!! "

A Heart breaking Loss:

Aretha (Jenkins) Jackson

We lost a very dear member of Our family on August 9th, 2018

Aretha was the youngest child and Daughter of the late Robert and Ella Jenkins.

She was a devoted Mom, Sister, Aunt and Cousin to many in our family,

and was truly a benchmark at many of our annual family reunions. 

Her service is planned for Saturday August 18th, at 11am at the 

Word of Faith Church 52 Broadacres Drive, Hattiesburg, MS. An additional service is planned at 

the burial site in Shaqualak, MS later the same day. A repast is also planned at the First Baptist 

church their in Shaqualak after a short service at burial site.

Let's send our Love to Danny and Cory Jackson. (Sons of Aretha) For now they need all

The Love and support we can give them in their time of need.  


Birthdays & Anniversary's:

March Birthdays:

Jessica M. Jenkins-31 (3-3-19), Keenan H. Daniels-47 (3-6-19), Sierra Grays-29 (3-9-19), Chantell R. Williams-36 (3-14-19), Marcus R. Smith-48 (3-17-19), Barbara J. Watson-71 (3-17-19), Shawnita Harvey-33 (3-22-19), Ayanna L. Allen-47 (3-23-19), Christopher S. Allen-43 (3-25-19). 

March Anniversary's:

No Anniversary's on File. 

Weddings shown on site:

Gladys & Ricky Dew

Jackie & Sonny Siebert

Bridgett & William Flowers

 To view pictures from previous wedding postings, just click on links above.

Reunion Picture Archives:

   To see several pictures from the 2011 Atlanta, GA. reunion, click on the Link below.  Also, click on links to visit previous reunion picture site's.

    Note:  We are trying to collect images of all Our previous reunions so that we may have an online archive of photos.  Below you will see a list of all previous reunions.  If you see a note next to a specific year, then that year may need family help to accomplish Our goal of having all previous reunions remembered thru photo's.  Please assist in accomplishing this task if you can, by contacting the editor and by making available what photos you may have. Please contact:  William Dew @ Billdooda@aol.com   

2018 Reunion: ( ) 2009 Reunion: (Ok 152 Pics) 2000 Reunion: (Ok 24 Pics) 1991 Reunion: (Ok 30 Pics)
2017 Reunion: ( ) 2008 Reunion: (Ok 165 Pics) 1999 Reunion: (Ok 78 Pics) 1990 Reunion: (Need Photos)
2016 Reunion: ( ) 2007 Reunion: (Ok 153 Pics) 1998 Reunion: (3 Pics) 1989 Reunion: (Ok 50 Pics)
2015 Reunion: ( ) 2006 Reunion: (Ok 175 Pics) 1997 Reunion: (Need Photos) 1988 Reunion: (Ok 32 Pics)
2014 Reunion: ( ) 2005 Reunion: (Ok 90 Pics) 1996 Reunion: (Need Photos) 1987 Reunion: (1 Pic)
2013 Reunion: ( ) 2004 Reunion: (Ok 66 Pics) 1995 Reunion: (Need Photos) 1986 Reunion: (Need Photos)
2012 Reunion: ( ) 2003 Reunion: (Ok 59 Pics) 1994 Reunion: (Need Photos) 1985 Reunion: (Ok 20 Pics)
2011 Reunion: (Ok 120 Pics) 2002 Reunion: ( ) 1993 Reunion: (3 Pics) 1984 Reunion: (1 Pic)
2010 Reunion: (Ok 199 Pics) 2001 Reunion: (Ok 61 Pics) 1992 Reunion: (Ok 28 Pics) 1983 Reunion: (Need Photos) 


Quote of the week: 

        “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 

               Martin Luther King Jr.

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Reunion Picture Archive:  I would like to ask for family help in fulfilling Our goal of having pictures on Our web site to reflect every reunion represented on Our site. I have updated the site to show each year with a color and picture count to assist in identifying which years need help. I plan on applying more updates (More Pictures) and have been trying to standardize the picture archives into one format. (It is a timely process)   

37 Years of Being The Best!  Last but not least! Barbara Watson. Thanks for being you! Your the inspiration that ties us all together. Thanks for your continued help with online e-mail contacts that could be potential new family members.

 Thanks for visiting!

Bill Dew

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